Traveling Respiratory Therapist

Traveling respiratory therapist jobs provide great benefits.

Home health care companies, such as Lincare, Rotech and Apria offer positions for travel respiratory therapists. Opportunities abound for respiratory therapists working in a home health care setting. Therapists travel to patient homes, providing education, delivering and setting up respiratory equipment and managing follow up care.

Selecting a career as a traveling respiratory therapist affords good benefits, including a more relaxed work pace, varied work environment settings and regular scheduled hours.

• Slower Working Pace
Respiratory therapists employed for a home health care company generally work with chronically ill patients who require routine care, education and follow up support. Whereas, in the hospital setting you would encounter high-pressure, life-threatening patient situations. Therapists who don’t thrive in the fast-paced setting of an acute-care hospital will appreciate the relaxed, slower-paced environment of a home care job.

• Varied Work Environment
In addition to working in the office, home care companies offer respiratory therapists the added benefit to travel and treat patients in their homes as opposed to always working in the hospital setting. It affords you the freedom to get outside of the office and home as you travel from one appointment to the next. For those who like variety and have difficulty with confinement, traveling offers this rare benefit.

• Regular Schedule
Another great benefit of being as a traveling respiratory therapist is the normal day working hours. In a hospital, you may be committed to working long 12 hour shifts, which includes weekends, days and nights. If you have a family, you’ll really appreciate this benefit.

Overtime Benefit
While you have the benefit of working normal day hours, you may have the opportunity to work overtime for “as needed” calls in the evening or weekends as part as being “on call”. Some home care companies require you to be on call one evening per week. This is a great opportunity to increase your income.

Proper Benefits and Pay
In addition, home care businesses offer health care coverage and other benefits for qualifying employees. You receive competitive pay, compared to what you would make in the hospital setting.

You have the freedom of being on the go every day, the responsibility to practice ethical behavior in this unique setting and the great opportunity to build relationships with your patients as you follow their care.