Respiratory Therapist Schools

Accredited Respiratory Therapy Schools

Accreditation is a collegiate status that imparts assurance to prospective respiratory students, that a college or institution (or a respiratory program) meets minimal qualifications/accreditation requirements and that there are judicious reason to believe the college (or respiratory program) will continue to meet those fundamental specifications in the future…Read more

How to Choose a Respiratory Therapy School

Choosing a respiratory therapy school is the first step on the intelligent road to becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist. To become a respiratory therapist you will be in a program accredited by The Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). You may be wondering which college to choose. Do you need an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree? Each has it’s advantages. Either college degree will prepare you to take your state board examinations for full licensure as a respiratory therapist in a secure and growing profession…Read more

Online Respiratory Therapy Programs

If you just graduated from High School and are looking for a rewarding career or are looking for a career change then you may be interested in the fulfilling medical field of respiratory therapy. Like other medical professionals, respiratory therapists are in high demand secondary to the aging of the “baby boomer” generation causing an increased number of senior citizens. You will need to obtain a respiratory therapy college degree, but there are online respiratory therapy schools that provide a quality education that will fit into your busy schedule.