Respiratory Therapist Resume

Need help in updating or even creating your Respiratory Therapist resume? For convenience I’ve even attached a sample respiratory therapist resume. If you work in the healthcare field it can be intimidating to begin working on your resume because we are accustomed to caring for people in our work, not typing about career history.

Review these Respiratory Therapist resume writing tips for choosing your font, your resume format, and customizing your resume just for you by using keywords.

1. Keep it simple. I’ve found that hiring managers appreciate a one page resume. A basic font and format is easier for a hiring manager to read. If you apply on line it’s also easier for an applicant management system to read.

2. Your resume should include identical keywords that are posted in the job description.

3. Include all your contact information. Make only your name bold type so that it stands out. Include your Name, address with city, state and zip code, phone number and E-Mail address.

4. Choose a basic type of resume format that is in chronological order for work history. It should be functional in that it is neat to the eye and easy to follow. Put your latest and greatest accomplishments at the top with your latest job first.

5. It takes a little more time to write a personalized/custom resume. When your experience and qualifications are a perfect match for a job you are applying for then it’s worth your time and effort.

6. If you incorporate an objective in your resume, it’s important to be specific in the position for which you are applying.

7. Take your time and be detailed about strengths and skills so that you stand out from the pack.

8. As you are building your resume, make tweaks/edits and highlight your abilities.

9. If emailing a resume, follow the employer’s specific instructions on how to submit it.

10. Save you resume on your computer, labeled clearly so that in the future it’s easily accessible and ready.

Sample Respiratory Therapist Resume

For your convenience we have included a sample Respiratory Therapist resume. Please click here or on the icon to download.