Respiratory Care

Respiratory Therapists don’t know the words “I Can’t”

We serve people with lung and heart problems, assessing, educating and treating patients and their family members.

What does a Respiratory Therapist do?

Respiratory Therapists are responsible for setting up and managing the life-saving devices and machines that help patients breathe when breathing difficulties and disorders prevent them from effectively on their own.

We use a multitude of sophisticated techniques and equipment to evaluate how a patient’s circulatory system and lungs are functioning in order to monitor and measure a patient’s respiratory health.

Doctors and nurses heavily rely upon us for our specialized skills and knowledge in areas such as use of oxygen mixtures and aerosolized medications.

What types of patients will I care for?

We care for patients from all walks of life-from premature infants whose lungs are not developed at birth, to children, adults and the elderly who suffer from severe illness, injury, chronic asthma, emphysema, and other diseases. Our patients may have injury or short-term illness, while others may need our care on a long-term basis.

How can I become a Respiratory Therapist?

You may acheive the Associate in Applied Science Degree Program (A.A.S.) in Respiratory Care in two years of full-time study, or you can choose a more compatible part-time class schedule for most of the course curriculum. You may then advance on to a four-year Bachelor’s (B.S.) degree, or start your career in the field as a Respiratory Therapist after passing the your state board examination. Your college program includes clinical hands-on education at a sponsoring hospital.

What’s so special about being a Respiratory Therapist?

Few professions permit you to make such a profound, positive and immediate impact upon the lives of others as does helping a patient to breathe. The other professionals on your healthcare team-and your patients-will rely upon you for the information you gather and the specialized expertise that you bring.