Respiratory Care Degree

A Respiratory Care Degree program can either be a two-year Associate Degree or a four-year Bachelor’s Degree program, and must be accredited by the CoARC (Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care). Upon successfully completing a Respiratory Care Degree program, the graduate is then eligible to sit for the examinations, given by the National Board for Respiratory Care.

Mission of Accredited Respiratory Program
The mission of an accredited Respiratory Care Degree program is to provide a high quality, affordable education, with a focus on intellectual development and career preparation in an environment that is supportive and welcoming. A program must be dedicated to the development of affective competencies, psychomotor abilities and appropriate cognitive showing in the students such that they show ability to apply human values, technological skills and scientific understanding within their profession.

Program Goals
The goals are to provide students with career preparation associated with Advanced and Entry-Level Practitioner Respiratory Care competencies in consideration of the expectations and needs and interests of the program’s communities.

Additionally, it will provide a curriculum that allows attainment of an Associate or Bachelor in Science degree, capability for the national credentialing process, entry into your state’s licensure process, and employment as a Respiratory Therapist.

Furthermore, in addition to courses in liberal arts, general education, and respiratory therapy theory, precisely selected clinical rotations/experiences are provided in local health agencies and area hospitals to enable students to hone the skills needed for successful completion of the Respiratory Care Degree program.

Students aspiring to a career as a respiratory therapist must be aware that if they have any convictions by a court of law, these records will be reviewed by your state’s Board of Registration in Respiratory Care when you apply to take the state examination for respiratory licensure.

It is recommended by program directors that before you apply to the Respiratory Care Degree program that you should pursue employment in a hospital setting to expose yourself to the sights, smells and sounds that you would encounter on the job to be sure you are serious in your goal of being a respiratory therapist.

Respiratory Care Therapy is an allied health profession dedicated to the care and management of patients having abnormalities and difficulties associated with breathing. Respiratory Therapists function under the direction and order of physicians. Increasing the effectiveness of the cardiopulmonary health of adults, children and infants make this a varied profession with multiple possibility career choices. Employment will be sought in hospitals, home care, education and sales. Presently, it is reported that there is a shortage of qualified respiratory therapists.