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Asthma Triggers

Triggers are substances that can start or worsen your asthma attack for you or your child. Triggers are all around you. Your work, school, the playground, even the home can be full of triggers.

Some common asthma triggers for you and your child could be:

• Smoke and Dust
• Change in weather
• Chalk dust in school
• Plant pollen
• Physical exertion and exercise
• Bird feathers and hair of furry animals
• Strong emotions such as crying or laughing

Your child or you may have one trigger or you may react to several trigger sources. Once you’re familiar with what triggers your asthma, it is crucial to take necessary steps to avoid and control these triggers.

This list does not include all triggers. If you or your child has asthma, you have to monitor your trigger reaction and avoid contact with them. Visit and speak with your physician if you have questions about your triggers, treatment and symptoms. Your respiratory therapist is a valuable resource in conjunction with your doctor.