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Asthma Treatment Guidelines

Your physician and respiratory therapist can help you with your asthma. The fact is that you or your child’s asthma can be treated successfully with respiratory therapy. There are two main kinds of medicines. They are called Controller and Rescue medications and they work differently.

A Controller/Preventative medication is used to prevent you from experiencing an asthma attack. It protects your airways and inhibits them from getting swollen and irritated. This medication makes the airways have less sensitivity to asthma triggers which cause difficulty breathing. You administer the Controller medication each and every day. Just as you brush your teeth twice daily to prevent tooth decay, you also take your asthma Controller medication. It’s a healthy habit which keeps your asthma symptoms under control.

A Rescuer medication is taken to stop an asthma attack. It should only be taken when you experience increased coughing and breathing difficulty. This medication relieves these symptoms quickly by opening the airways, and this allows you to move air in and out more effectively with less breathing effort. Be sure that you always carry your Reliever medication at all times, yes, even to work, school, the gym, on vacation, just in the event it is needed suddenly.

A predictor to an asthma attack is a peak flow reading. While feeling healthy, you take your optimal/best peak flow reading as a control/guideline number. If you start to experience asthma symptoms, perform a peak flow and compare it to your best reading. If it is less than 80% of your best peak flow reading then you may have encountered a trigger and your asthma Rescue medication may be indicated to relieve your symptoms.

Your physician and respiratory therapist are the most proficient professionals to guide you regarding your asthma medications.